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‘Welcoming’ you in English on a site with most posts written in Dutch, and having given that blog a French domain name. That kinda describes me. Hi, I am Vie!

I love writing, friends told me several times I should ‘do’ something with it. I started working on this website yet it took me another year until I felt confident enough to go live. But a lot can change within a year… One evening I was happily dancing with friends, it was a memorable night, and afterwards Taylor Swifts’ Shake it Off kept on repeating in my head: ” It’s like I got this music in my mind saying it’s gonna be alright.” I kept on singing ” It’s gonna be alright. I’m just gonna write, write, write!”  Write about all those little – and big – things that make (my) life beautiful. About family and friends. About yoga. About sports. About dancing. About travelling. About la Vie. Beyond categorization. Hors Catégorie. Hoping to make you smile. To inspire you. To make your life a tad or maybe a lot more beautiful, even if it’s just for a moment. Or maybe to… Don’t hesitate to comment and share your thoughts and feelings about my posts!

And by the way, yes, catégorie should be written with an accent aigu. That little ‘´’on top of the ‘e’. I can be a real fusspot, so I know. But when registering the domain name, I decided to drop the accent, to… shake it off. 😉