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How ‘MegaMindy’ got me to yoga

Posted on Mar 10, 2015 by in Vie | Yoga | 2 comments

Vie - Cosmic Dancer

‘You have changed’, he said. His words came totally out of the blue and surprised me. It was a while since we had last met but it felt like the usual happy get-together with a dear friend, as if nothing had changed. I looked at him and could clearly see he meant it as a compliment.  And though I was curious to know why he thought that I had changed, I didn’t ask but simply smiled.’ See!’, he said, ‘You are not even starting a discussion to convince me of the opposite!  Yoga has changed you!’

Mega Mindy

Everyone who starts practicing yoga has his own reasons to do so. My yoga story started two years ago, when I was crawling back out of the deep. I had been holding on for too long, until my body gave up the fight. The physical pain was hard to bear. But that pain was far more manageable than dealing with my inner storm: having to admit that I was not the superwoman that I always thought I were. I felt pretty bad about it.  One day I was watching an episode of  ‘Mega Mindy’, together with my lil’ niece and nephew . Mega Mindy seems to be a superwoman with superpower but in fact she’s just a ‘normal’ girl. A ‘normal’ girl with superpower. She got me thinking, making me realize that it was about time to recharge, and to start using my own ‘superpower’ wisely!

mega mindy

Mega Mindy and Toby


A yoga prescription

Every muscle in my body was feeling tense and hard, caused by the pain and stress of the passed months. I definitely needed to relax more, or better; I needed to learn how to relax. Should learn to control my breath, learn to let go of things.  Later that day I had a follow-up appointment with my GP. He didn’t have any experience with yoga but had heard about the benefits of it, and suggested I should give it a try. I had always thought of yoga as being pretty woolly, yet I smiled and told him ‘ Well, Mega Mindy managed to make me see things differently. Who knows what yoga can do for me?!‘ I remember it was my first real smile in a long time. Back home, I started searching the web for a studio nearby my home. The website of Flowing Yoga gave me the best feeling: very informative, having a nice look and feel. I sent an information e-mail, got a prompt reply and planned on going for my first class the day after.


My first yoga class, the start of a magic journey

It costed me a lot of effort to get out of my bed that day. My body did hurt so much. Was it a good idea to strain it more during a yoga class? Although being a beginners Vinyasa class,  I was afraid that it might be too much. My inner Superwoman told me I should go. I listened to her and arrived well ahead, with enough time left to do some grocery shopping before going to the class. But to buy things you need money and in the shop I realised that I had forgotten my wallet at home. I felt so silly, and got even more stressed to go to the yoga studio. ‘ How will they react, me arriving there for the first time, not even being able to pay for my class? Shouldn’t I go back home? I can’t possibly enter without having money on me!’  I did though, thank you Superwoman, and got welcomed with a warm smile melting all my worries away. I immediately felt I had taken the right decision, being in the right environment with the right people.

I got a brief explanation on the basics of yoga, the use of the Ujai breath and the bandas. I surrendered to the practice. Afterwards feeling grounded and enlightened at the same time, a wonderful feeling. I heard the teacher talking to someone about injuries, and dared to ask about the pain in my wrist, whether it might come from a blockage in my neck. The specialist at the hospital had several times told me it couldn’t be caused by neck problems.  I felt he was only looking at the symptoms not at the cause, too easily presuming that stress was causing the whole problem. It turned out my yoga teacher was studying to be an osteopath. She felt my neck and shoulders, and suggested a consult at an osteopath; she was convinced that this person would be able to help me. It may sound weird to go to yoga and walk out with an appointment for a consult at the osteopath, but to me it felt good. As if I had decided to start with one thing to feel better again, which got automatically succeeded by the next, slowly helping me out of my circle of pain. I did have a whole lot of blockages in my neck and shoulder area, which were causing the pain in my wrists. I knew it! After that consult, I felt physically better, I could focus more on my yoga practice, which helped me to see through my own thinking patterns, which helped me to bring me closer to my own attention, which helped me to accept things as they are, which helped me to let go, which… A magic journey!

Yoga life

The magic journey continues! Yoga has become a significant part of my life. I take several classes each week, every time still discovering something new. I follow interesting workshops. I meet wonderful people. One of my dear superpower friends joined me during one of the workshops. It felt great to be able to share my passion with her. She’s meanwhile discovering the yoga benefits too, which has given our friendship another colorful dimension. So does the wine that we share after our practices together… 🙂

Feeling like a superwoman

‘Wow, you really sound like an expert’, my friend told me. I laughed out loud. ‘I am a beginner still, and in some way I always will be. Every practice is different. Every day is different. Every moment is different. There’s always a new beginning. I’d love to be an expert in beginning. Well, now that sounds woolly, doesn’t it?’ He smiled his bright big smile and told me that he should reconsider. ‘You haven’t changed. In fact, you are the constant in this story’. I felt like a superwoman when I smiled back at him. 



  1. Wow, you’ve got talent! As a yogi and as a writer. It was so funny to read about your first class. I’m happy to have been part of your journey. Hope to see you in some workshop or on your travels soon … Should you be interested, we have a travelblog, Veel warme groetjes!

    • Thanks, Nathalie! 🙂
      Would be lovely to see you again. Love your blog by the way!


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