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Black and white female bodies into the galaxy

Posted on Sep 6, 2015 by in Vie | Hors Categorie | 0 comments

Black and whitre female bodies into the galaxy

I have been spending this warm summery evening in the company of an amazing friend. We do not often get to meet. But when we do, we share beautiful and inspiring moments together. We talk. We laugh. We dream… One of my friends’ dreams is to have photo’s exposed in a gallery in Manhattan. The theme of the expo should be ‘black and white female bodies into the galaxy’. That was after the 2nd mojito, maybe the 3rd.

Later that night, stepping into the shower, I found a huge black spider sitting in the corner of the tub. My bath is located under a roof window. I love watching the moon and the stars while bathing or showering, so I could perfectly understand why the spider had chosen that spot in my house. Rather than freaking out I thought I should let him enjoy that relaxing shower with me. Okay, okay, I admit. The first idea that crossed my mind was more like ‘you little monster, so you try to scare me, well, fine, I’ll drown you!’. But the spider kept sitting in the corner, silently enduring the water and the waves. He looked up at me, and staring into the most wonderful warm, energetically smiling eyes I was the one who started ‘drowning’… ”


Wow!!! Look at you! “, he said, “You have been sunbathing! You look like… a black and white female body into the galaxy!!! ”

Dreams. The ones that you dare to dream do come true. Because you work hard, having the guts and the courage to realize them. Sometimes also by remaining silent. By simply believing in the beauty of the dream. Like a flower in the sun, you see your dream awakening. Some say that you lose a dream when it becomes reality. But I think that you get more: memories and strength, giving you faith to dream the next dream. The initial dream is in that way a stepping stone to the next. Dreams keep you going. So does the sharing of those dreams with friends.  Friends encourage you. They make you see other perspectives of your dream. You may find out that part of your dream is their dream and part of theirs is yours. Together you are creating a web of dreams, a web that gives uou a feel of freedom rather than being caught. To friends, it does not matter how crazy your dream is, and if or how that dream becomes reality. If it does, you share the joy, the pleasure and the glory. If it doesn’t, you keep enjoying the nice, crazy and happy thoughts, and the amazing moments that come along with the dreaming. That is reality. And as much as a dream it is giving you the energy, the faith and the courage to keep on going.

So that night I showered with a spider. After the shower, he asked me if he could join me in bed. I told him to keep on dreaming. And, yes of course, he understood…

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